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Nuages is built upon jazz from all over the world, like musical fusion cuisine. Nuages, rooted in the genre inspired by Django Reinhardt, blends Manouche jazz with American jazz, Americana, Brazilian samba, Indian classical, French chanson and other incredible global sounds.  Listeners are treated to a warm and engaging journey of high-level musicianship with a range of artistic expression.  Michael-Paul Gurulé leads the ensemble evoking sounds from French singers reminiscent of the mid-century Parisian chanteurs and the American jazz saxophone tradition.  Nick Sokol delivers heartfelt jazz mandolin unlike any other mandolinist out there and also plays tenor saxophone with a mélange of traditional and modern jazz approaches. Sometimes Nick and Michael both play their saxophones and things can get a little rowdy reminiscent of swing à la Basie.  Sarah Yates rounds out the collective energy playing expressive melodic bass lines blending American Jazz with Eastern European folk.  The trio, along with special guest artists on guitar, regularly perform regionally in the Pacific Northwest, and have had the privilege to play twice at the world renown Djangofest N.W.