Sarah Yates

Bassist/Music Historian

Books, music, film , art...  if there is any word that describes Sarah best it's curator. For several year's Sarah has had a passion for curating and loving the wonderful, the unique and the sublime.  And now Gypsy jazz is honored to have this young artist as a bassist. 

Sarah is a bassist whose enthusiasm for playing jazz was inspired by the style of Django Reinhardt. This passion hasn’t stopped growing since she joined Nuages in 2014.  Not only is her time impeccable but her sense of artistic nuance is incredible. She can play both complex and simple lines but its her simple lines where her creativity and craft shine.

She studies bass with Greg Feingold and Ben Musa at Western Washington University, where she performs both jazz and orchestral bass. Sarah's main pursuit is music history; where she looks forward to researching the great contributions of Django Reinhardt and other musical figures of early 20th century French music.


Apart from class or performing with Nuages, Sarah plays for the Whatcom Sound Jazz Singers. She currently teaches jazz at Lynden Christian Middle School and also private bass lessons to children through out Whatcom county. When she is away from music and students she loves reading, watching classic films, traveling, and being with her friends and family.


Contact Information:

Sarah Yates